Call Tracking: What is Keyword Level Tracking?

Call tracking is one of the most efficient ways to monitor your leads and conversions through phone calls. At Southern Web, we use CallRail for call tracking.

CallRail allows you to not only track the calls to any number but also record them and identify which keywords led to these calls. Two of the best features offered by CallRail are Keyword Level Tracking and Dynamic Number Insertion.
When creating a tracking number, the standard approach is to link the tracking number to your business number. Doing this allows you to insert the tracking number onto your website and have your calls documented. Keyword Level Tracking allows the organization to see which keyword or search term was used to navigate from a search engine to the website and initiate the call.
How does Keyword Level Tracking work? Instead of a single tracking number, CallRail assigns the organization a pool of numbers to use. These pools can range from as little as 4 numbers to as many as 50 numbers. This pool of numbers links to the business phone number.
The automatically generated numbers remain stored within the account for the duration of the pool's existence. Using this pool of numbers, a script is generated and inserted onto the website using a very simple walkthrough provided by CallRail. This script allows for the tracking numbers to automatically replace the business number on the website. So, when a user navigates to your site, the script will change the business number to one of the tracking numbers within your pool automatically. This is called Dynamic Number Insertion.
The user is never aware that the number they are seeing is, in fact, a tracking number and not the actual number of the business. When a user dials this tracking number, the call routes to the business number, while also being tracked.
This level of tracking allows CallRail to pull through numerous data points, including location, duration, and keyword. The more numbers you have in your Pool, the more users can dial the tracking numbers simultaneously. If you have four tracking numbers in your pool, only four users can dial those numbers at the same time. If your business receives many calls coming through at the same time, such as an event booking organization, it would be beneficial to have more numbers in your pool.

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