What are listing overrides?

Listing Overrides can be used when a regular property summary just won’t do, or if you’re trying to strengthen the SEO of individual listings. With a listing override, you can add a video of the property or create an enhanced listing description that will appear exclusively on your site.

To add a listing override, first log in to the WordPress dashboard. On the left side of the screen, you will see Properties. Select Properties and then choose Overrides:

To add a new override, click Add New:

From here, you will need to add the MLS number of the property you wish to override:

You can also add a Youtube or Vimeo video URL in the Listing Video field. Please note, it must be the actual URL, not the embed code. If a URL is added, a Video tab will appear on that listing’s page:

Before/After - Listing Descriptions

Before/After - Videos



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